About Olive & Pearls

Olive & Pearls all started with a special pug named "Olive." This diva-like girl just resonates class and sophistication. She is always carrying her head held high as if to say "Darling, I never let anyone see me without my pearls." Her human mom knew this queen needed some special jewels! Unfortunately, when she went to buy her diva some pearls, she was dismayed to find less than ideal options. All she found were small sizes and collars and necklaces that were easily broken or strung on stretchy cord. Olive's human knew there had to be a better way to make pups look great and so she went to work, figuring out exactly what it would take make strong and beautiful jewelry for dogs! Fast forward five years and this little pug has managed to create her own company, a growing list of admirers, a way to give back to dogs in need, and is also operating a private, play yard for all her dog and human friends!


Olive pictured in a Custom Crystal Collar