Collection: Personalized Collars & Leashes

Our Personalized Ribbon Collars and Leashes are made with the highest quality, designer, jacquard and grosgrain ribbon. The ribbon is sewn onto heavy duty, nylon webbing. All of our collars have top quality metal hardware and we do not use plastic buckles or parts. All of our Personalized Collars & Leashes are priced to include personalization!

We also personalize and embroider our collection of faux leather collars. The faux leather is highly durable, easy to clean, and looks amazing with any of our unique font options!

We hand make every collar and leash in our store's location. We do not outsource and only our hardware comes from a manufacturer. This allows us to have the highest level of control over our product's integrity and quality. Plus, it allows you to support a North Carolina based, small business!

Our professional embroidery is done in house as well. We have a ZSK Sprint 8 machine. This German made machine is the top of the line when it comes to professional, commercial, embroidery. It boasts 18 needles and extraordinary color changing speed. Every design is clean and detailed. If you would like to create an embroidery item you don't see as an option on our site, please reach out to us! We will be happy to help!

Collars come in three standard widths. Leashes come in two width options. Each listing contains a chart with details on these as well as our sizing guidelines.

We know you will find the perfect, personalized option for you and your pet!