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Olive & Pearls

Gemstone Chaperone Embellished Pet Bowl

Gemstone Chaperone Embellished Pet Bowl

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Our Embellished Pet Bowls are nothing short of amazing! This bowl features a mix of various gemstone, colored rhinestones. The colors include violet, pink, aquamarine, blue, canary, and more! This particular bowl features rhinestones that have an AB finish on them. This gives the rhinestones a slightly iridescent shine. The sizes of these rhinestones range from 2mm up to 6mm. We place every rhinestone by hand! This makes every bowl special, and unique! We use a top grade adhesive that allows for great strength and bond. This line of our 'Blinged Out" bowls are stainless steel and have a removable rubber ring on the base. This makes then slip resistant when placed on smooth surfaces, and because they are stainless steel, these bowls will never rust! If you have got to have your bling, then you and your pup have got to have some of our Embellished Pet bowls!! Buy 2 and have a complete set!

•Every bowl is made to order
•Every bowl will vary slightly, as they are all one of a kind pieces!
•Rhinestones are placed one by one, by hand!
•Bowls are available in numerous sizes-the bowl pictured is our 16oz size
•Bowls can be hand washed with mild soap and a soft brush.
•Do not put these bowls in the dishwasher. You may damage the integrity of the rhinestones.
•Bowls are anti-tip and skid resistant.
•Because these are custom made, we can not offer returns on these items. We will accept exchanges.

Sizes are as follows:


  • Vinyl coated, steel cable
  • Acrylic beads
  • Resin beads
  • Rhinestones

Shipping & Returns

Collars typically ship 2 weeks from order date. Some items may ship sooner based on overall order volume.

Care Instructions

Always remove your collar before applying topical flea treatments.

Excessive water exposure may cause rust to appear your hardware. Be sure to remove your pearls before swimming and water fun.

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Sizes for Every Dog

Olive & Pearls makes extraordinary jewels for every size dog. We have options for some of the smallest of pups, all the way up to some of the largest!

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    Worried about size? We are happy to exchange collars for our customers! If you find that your collar is not the perfect fit, we will be happy to exchange it for the one that is!